Hi everyone.
I'm a music teacher and I'm looking for a micro amp so I can give electric guitar lessons anywhere just with my guitar and my backpack.

I know that these little amps aren't well known for their tone quality but I'm looking primarly for a good clean sound and decent overdrive, not looking for metal tones with this one.

Any suggestions?
There really isn't going to be a "best".

Are you looking for a combo or head & cab? I'm thinking combo, but want to be sure.
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Roland Micro Cube is probably your best bet. Or just use an acoustic? 

Any of the really tiny ones like the Marshall MS2 or the Fender Mini Twin are basically toys, I wouldn't bother with them. 
Check out a Vox Amplug and run the headphone jack out into the AUX/Line In input to a battery powered speaker like a Bluetooth speaker that also has an AUX option.  
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One of the Yamaha THR amps may serve you well.  They are small, sound good, have built in speakers and get good ratings and are not just a toy.  Plus it can be plugged into a cab and it should fit in a backpack nicely.     
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I haven't played any of them, but I was very impressed with a Boss Bass Micro Cube being demoed in the shop, so I would be looking at the guitar version of it., and the Yamahas on reputation.

I have an Amplug. It works OK, but I don't like the design, OK with a top-mounted socket, but IMO an accident waiting to happen with a side-mounted type.
Yamaha THR is what I'd get.
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Both the Yamaha and MicroCube are good suggestions.  The MicroCube also runs on batteries.
On a similar note with the Yamaha THR, the Vox Adio Air GT looks promising. Too bad it looks like something the Queen of England would have used as a foot cushion in the 1960's.
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A lot of people are praising the Blackstar Fly 3 hard, and from all the reviews I've heard, it sounds pretty kickass. 
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yamaha thr or the blackstar fly 3
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