This messages was posted on a Zevon fan page on fb. I would love to see other artists to do the same a fantastic gesture and music from one of the most underrated artists there has been.

 I`ve shared this from Jordan Zevon to share with this group, Please read it,you don`t need to buy these bootlegs, you can go to the archive page, download, and burn or sync free and listen to it at your leisure.

Ariel and I have allowed Dad's live recordings to be shared for all at 
. But then some x feels the need to try and profit from it and put it on Spotify with this hideous drawing that looks like it was done by a 2nd grader. If the person who did this is a "fan" you've done everything in your power to disrespect his memory. I'd love to see if you have the dignity to contact me and explain yourself. Either way, I've got a great lawyer, so we'll be talking soon.

This is great, thank you so much for sharing!