I had the pleasure of trying 3 SC guitars today and i absolutely fell in love with the sound on these. I tried the VS and the H13. Sadly its just waaay out of my price range and before i was thinking of getting a Taylor 110 or a 210 but well after trying these im upping my budget to $2k or a little more in the hope to find something similar. 

Ive seen the Gibson J45 being compared to the Vintage Southener which is the one i preferre, i dont know of any else. Some Martins i got a chance to try later but i tried one that i cant recall the model of but it was in the $4-5k range and it didnt really hit anything with me.

Im not in a rush and happy to save for a while but as a beginner a 4-5k Guitar is a no no but i can defend a 2k+ one after learning 10-15 songs.  

Any suggestions are more that welcome. 
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I remember playing a santa cruz side by side a Breedlove and thought they were pretty similar.  I don't remember the models though.  
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Tried a bunch and kept coming back to the Gib J-45 Standard. Bought it and very happy with it!  Payed $2082.72 for it. Thats with  25% VAT.  Can live with that 
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