Hey dude,
I listened to "Everybody Loves You".  My honest opinion is I like your vocals.  I think they fit this genre perfect!.  This is a very pro sounding mix. I kept listening and I wanted more.  I like the weird bass thing going on.  Are you doing all of this?  Great job!!!

This is nothing like what you are doing, but how giving my latest a listen? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1748430
I've just listening to the first two songs so far but plan on listening to the rest when I have time tomorrow. Very well done drum programming. I like how there's a lot of complexity too it, but it still has standard electronic elements like the drop. Vocals are well executed and catchy and I think they could be brought up a bit in the mix, but the way they blend in now works as well. Overall, I enjoyed listening to a lot, I think it's very unique and original. I think the only think that could really bring it up further is if you could really belt your vocals for certain powerful parts. 
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