Hey guys, i need some advice... i want to buy a new guitar, and i am hesitating which one. my options are the Schecter c1 FR special or the ESP LTD Snakebyte James hetfield signiture guitar. (i like metallica) which one is better quality and what are the pros and cons? 
Those are both quality guitars but very different.  You're going to get an opinion on every reply.  Have you played superstrats?  Did you like them?  Have you played explorer shapes?  Did you like them?  

Even if you can't play these exact models, go play similar models to get a feel for the shape - how it hangs, how it sits on you, etc. - and how the necks feel.  

At least for my Jacksons, I have a superstrat and a kelly (their take on the Explorer shape) and there are major differences with the Kelly having everything shifted to the left and frankly the upper fret access isn't as good as that horn gets in the way but looks completely bad ass (both bolt-ons btw so the set/glued neck may be better).  

Other than that flip a coin if you can't decide - doesn't matter what anyone else thinks.  
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Play both of them. They're fundamentally totally different guitars. Can't really make any valid comparison between them.

What are your preferences? What is your budget?
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Play both of them. They're fundamentally totally different guitars.

And not just because one is a hardtail and one an FR.
Thanks for the advice! I can't play them because there are no guitar stores near that have either of them... I think i dont really need the FR, so maybe hardtail is better...