Like mentioned above, should I trade my DC3 for the Hotrod? My only issue with the DC3 is that it's clean tone is not really great ( I know it's not what it is for). The master knob too is too sensitive, even at a gig I can only turn it up to 3, once I move it to 3.5 it pretty much doubles in loudness. Just wondering what people's opinions are for the Hotrod Deluxe 3 and how it is when overdriven etc. Thank you all!
If youre thinking the Fender will be less loud you will be in for a surprise. Both amps will be very loud.

FWIW Fenders are very sensitive with volume like your mesa and IMO youd be getting a slightly better clean channel and a way worse drive channel swapping to an HRD.

Have you considered a new speaker for your Mesa?
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I have a HRD.  I love it, bu it isn't a perfect amp.

It is loud: mine has never been above 4 since I brought it home.  Not only that, there is a significant volume jump between 0-1.

The drive channel is terrible.  I almost never use it these days, instead using dirt pedals on the clean channel.

Basically, you'd be trading known issues for other known issues.  The speaker swap might be a better plan.
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There are no perfect amps but both of these are capable of pro gig wailing tone.  Coin toss?
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