You pulled the last straw from my palm
and now there is nothing left to hold.
I hope you never come to any harm
and that you’re graceful when you’re old.

I wrote a goodbye song for you
but only my failing memories could hear me sing.
In the distant future, whatever you do,
I hope you grow like saplings in the Spring.

there are no more words left. the dictionary spills its ink like wine. try to lap it up but it tastes like poison. i write your name in the air with my finger but i misspell it and the magic is lost. you drift away like flotsam from a capsized ship and you left me clinging to cardboard. you made me drown. you made the world go dark. you made me believe that there were more to dreams than mere fantasy. you made me believe they had substance, they were messages from the future, they were attainable, they were not just dreams but visions. you made me see what wasnt there. there are no more words left.
Again, I'm not fully sold on the rhyming in the beginning, but it does set up the lengthier bit of text in the second half. That's a good opening couplet at the very least. Lots of interesting images are in the ending, so you have something going for you there. Wrapping the larger text with the title works, too. I'm on the fence about "left me clinging to cardboard" is it's a bit flat (no pun intended) as an image... All in all, this isn't a bad farewell, even if it's bittersweet.
I am a fake mountain.