Hello fellow guitar enthusiasts,

I've stumbled across a very interesting guitar at my local pawn shop, and no matter how much I search the web, I can't find a single peice of information on this particular model.

It's a Memphis Les Paul copy, but it's been heavily used/reliced, the face of the body is flat, the headstock doesn't have the arch in the middle like a Gibson, Grover tuners have been installed, and to get the elephant out of the room, there is no serial number ANYWHERE (which is the main reason I'm lost).

I'm very new to not only this site, but forums in general, so please forgive me of any odd errors I make. Thanks!


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You need to work on your Google-Fu, Grasshoppah.  This from Wiki:

"Memphis Guitars were affordable guitars that were imported from Asia and distributed in the US by C. Bruno and Sons from  1969 to November 1989."

For the most part these were cheap copies of US-made guitars (strats, etc.), and are worth perhaps $100 in good condition (yours is not). There are exceptions, but yours is probably not one of those. 
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dspellman Gotcha. I'm mainly looking for specs like wood and pickups, but the info you gave me was good enough. Thanks!

you are unlikely to get specs on guitars like that as they weren't given to begin with.