I accidentally pulled the pots of Joyo JF-02 Ultimate Drive and the pots doesn't lock in where it supposed to be. I'm just a student but, I have complete set of tools like a soldering iron pretty much I can do what you suggest. So please tell me what to do. Thanks!
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It's far from clear what your actual problem is.

The obvious assumption would be that you've just pulled the plastic knobs off the control pots, in which case they should just push back on again. If the controls are centre-notched (which I am guessing at from your statement, 'the pots doesn't lock in where it supposed to be') then you'll just have to careful about aligning the knobs before you push them back on.

But then you mention a soldering iron, which implies that you think you might need it, which in turn impries that you have actually managed to rip the entire pots off somehow. I can only imagine that in order to do this you would have had to take the pedal apart - what were you doing?

As is always the case in these situations, pictures would be a great help.
Sorry, What I mean is that i accidentally twisted it so it doesn't lock where its supposed to be. Do I need to buy new pots?
Well that doesn't look in too bad shape.  The pots look like they may be a little twisted, but are they disconnected from the PCB?  Or do you mean you twisted the shaft beyond its normal stopping position?

If either of these is true then, as PSimonR put it, it's 'shagged' and as a cheap(ish) pedal probably isn't worth the effort of trying to fix.  Sounds like it was on the way out before you started messing with it anyway.
von Layzonfon yeah I twisted it beyond it's normal stopping point but it's not disconnecyedbfrom the circuit board. Can I just replace the pots because I'm still starting out on playing guitar and still studying. It is cheap.PSimonR the Circuit's still OK i'm gonna try to desolder the pots and try to the replace it. The pedal is cutting off what's the problem is it the pots? The fuses are ok though.
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Yep, if you can de-solder the pots and get and fit new ones then it may be OK. Hopefully the pots are marked with their rating so you can get the right ones, and I think a circut diagram is available so you could perhaps use different ones and wire them in if there is enough room in the box. Use a solder sucker or de-soldering braid to remove the originals.
PSimonR OK tnx, you've been a great help do I have to go to a electrician or to a guitar store if I would make them do it?
An electrician is someone who wires up your house. Most of them cannot do anything like this. Your guitar local guitar store may have or be able to recommend a technician who can do it, however it will likely cost you more than a new one (or at least more than a good working secondhand one).