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Hi I need someone else's opinion on a guitar I was looking to buy.
It's a used Schecter Hellraiser C-1 from around 2010( that's what he told me).
Here are that model's specs:
Mahogany body (Black Cherry finish includes Quilted Maple Top)
Set, 3-piece mahogany neck with rosewood fretboard
24 X-jumbo frets
25-1/2" scale
Ultra-access cutaway
EMG active 81/89 pickups
Volume/volume/tone controls
3-way pickup switch
Grover tuners
Abalone binding and gothic cross fretboard inlays
TonePros tune-o-matic bridge with thru-body design

He is asking 570 euro ( 640 dollars) for it + a hardcase.
What do you think? 
http://imgur.com/a/RXfHP here are some pictures.
Is it worth it?
I found a brand new  Epiphone 1984 Explorer EX Electric Guitar Alpine White  for the same price. Which is better?
I'd personally do the explorer you see on reverb, 84 always beats 2010 in my eyes.

That's the type of guitar people find and say in 10 years "I have other guitars, but I still play my 84 epi more than the others"
"I definitely don’t write all my music in a blackout, like I used to, although I did come up with some good stuff in a blackout."
-Matt Fucking Pike
Both are cool. It really all depends on what spec's you like best. The spec's are teh "key".  I have a Gibson Explorer and it's a real monster, especially for rhythm but the upper fret access isn't (imo) it's best feature so if you plan on a lot of high fret acrobatics, it might not be the best option.