Thank you for the review! Now your song: this kind of reminds me of the Clash (this is a compliment). Most of the singing is fine, though some of it is a bit pitchy. You might consider some pitch correction software (I use Melodyne assistant), if it fits your budget. I like the Keith Moon-like drumming. The bubble-blowing was funny! Nice guitar playing and riffs. Interesting bridge. Overall, I liked it.
Thanks for the review!  As aaron said the vocals sound pitchy at times but I think they fit the song well.  Also getting a Clash kind of vibe.  A better mic could improve the rest of the recording though I think the lo-fi fits the style well.  Good job!
Thanks for the comments! I should re-record my vocals, I got way off in the chorus especially. I find it so hard to stay in key when I'm not strumming along. I would rather not use a pitch corrector or fix my voice in anyway though, I'm all for making my music sound as organic as possible. I want to try to make me sound like a live band. I just need to learn to do the singing thing better ha ha. 

The Clash, hhhm, I have been listening to London Calling a bit recently. "Lost In The Supermarket" is a goal song, I want to make something as good as it! 
Ah ha but I already have! I commented on SoundCloud a few days ago. 

Thanks for listening! Well I could use some improving vocal wise ha ha, I mostly state it like that to be safe. This track took like 2-3 hours to do maybe. I wrote it very quick, plugged in, scribbled the different sections and used the first takes for most things besides the vocal. I prefer to do things like this, it keeps it "fresher" you know and I like to have a quick output. Even though things may be better if I slowed down, I just like to pound 'em out.