I just got a new 7 strings guitar
I was playing on normal tuning most of my life and I wanted to try lower, in a 7 string guitar all I need to do is tune a step down the 7th string to A, and then I get a drop A guitar And some songs that I like are in Eb standard tuning, where the 7th is on A#
The question is, if I tune to those stuff, without changing anything,  No gauge of strings no setup, ill it damage the neck? Or anything else?
I don't plan on going any lower than Eb standard or just dropped A 7th string, so I wanna know if it will be alright with no added adjustment.
Thanks for the help
Assuming you have a fixed bridge, you shouldn't have any trouble drop tuning the 7th string or detuning the whole guitar by a half step. People do this all the time. You will need to tweak the tuning slightly and if you are being pedantic/perfectionist then you might want to look at the intonation, but to be perfectly honest unless you are recording I wouldn't even consider this.

And to answer your question, no it will not damage anything.
Random3 Big thanks! I am a big noob at the whole setuping stuff, and everything other than plugging in a guitar directly to an amp and start playing (maybe with a pedal in between) only now I have made the HUGE lap and bought a LH Mayones 7 (from an 100$ 2nd hand LH silverhead), now im scouting for a quality amp, maybe an AXE FX, who knows.
and same goes with being a noob with intonation, I have read about it here and there, each person tells me something else, and havent yet come to realize what intonation really means, and how do I set it to be as it should be with ones tuning (my bridge is ABM single bridge)
Holy shit, congrats on the Mayo they are supposed to be fantastic. I didn't realise you were talking about something like that. I understand now why you wanted to be sure before adjusting the tuning.

Regarding intonation, it really isn't something you usually have to worry about 95% of the time. I have owned 8 guitars and in all the time I have been playing I have only needed to adjust the intonation two or three times. The simple explanation is that if the guitar is in tune when you play an open string, but out of tune when you play a particular fret, then the intonation on that string is off.

Because the guitar is an imperfect instrument (even Mayones) due to the fact that frets are (usually) straight, which causes some notes to be slightly flat or sharp, so you will never get it 100% either way. Fretting systems like True Temperament and fanned frets are ways to combat this, but even those aren't perfect.
Thank you very much man, it is a marvelous instrument.
and I see, thanks for clearing that out for me, I needed that.
and great thing that I also have those fanned frets installed in ) (mayones 7 VF HL to be exact, 25.4"-27")
(sorry when I brag about that guitar I can't stop, so ill stop now)
and again thank you very much, never thought anyone would answer so quick and in a very nice and informative way, I applause to that.
Have a really pleasant day!
you bought a 4300 guitar to play in eb?
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the guitar is left handed therefor I don't have much fear of other people wanting to play it, maybe wanting to get a bit of its feel but itll be a reversed fanned frets so never mind
I feel abnoxious just by thinking of scratching it by a mistake, it's too damn beautiful, and last night I even searched in what position it is best to lay a hard case with a guitar in it...because I wanted it to not have any strain on the guitar or what so ever....
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