Hello everybody. I'm about to purchase an ibanez guitar, which is ibanez AW54 OPN. Please take a look at the specifications below and tell me your perspective about this guitar, or this brand. In case any of you used to have a chance playing with this guitar, it would be great if you can show me your experience. Thanks in advance and much love.

And here is its specs:

Body shape: Dreadnought
Top: Solid Mahogany
Back & sides: Mahogany
Neck: Mahogany
Fretboard: Rosewood
Bridge: Rosewood
Body binding: Black
Tuning machine: Chrome Die-cast tuners
Number of frets: 20
Bridge pins: Ibanez Advantage™ bridge pins
Strings: D'Addario® EXP™ strings
Finish top: Open pore
Finish back & sides: Open pore
Finish neck back: Satin
Give it me to play for about 20 minutes and I'll tell you.

Very difficult to tell from a picture and a spec.

Action looks a bit high - probably needs a set up.

Reviews look good from seller's sites.

I'd expect it to be a least reasonable.
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Looks nice and the price is very reasonable. Reviews are positive. Without actually playing or hearing it, there's not much else one can say. Ibanez is generally better known for their electrics rather than acoustics but I believe their quality to be good for the price. Besides, most lower priced guitars these days are from one of a handful of factories in China so the quality is pretty much the same per price rather than the name on the headstock. I have an Ibanez acoustic but the model I own(aef-30e) is a completely different animal than the guitar you are looking at. You will most likely need to get a set-up done(action lowered/truss rod adjustment). If you like it, go for it. 
Spec's are decent and a solid top is a nice feature. Overall I think Ibanez makes a good guitar with their low end models having good fit and finish.
Open pore will require some consideration as to humidity fluctuations.
Ibanez Artys are pretty good. Open pore would be more easily stained or dirtied, and respond more to humidity flucuations (won't be an issue if you live in ideal climate).

Solid maho, instead of usual Ibanez fancy pancy. I'd say AWs are good. Play it out and test it, listen to her. If you like it, grab it.
depending on what you're looking for, the mahogany top isn't going have the brightest sound.  spruce would be more versatile 
Generally Ibanez acoustics are not great.  They use flashy veneers to make great looking guitar that don't sound good or play well.  There are some exceptions and this is one of them.  The guitar has potential.  Play it 1st if you can.  If you can't make sure the place you buy it doesn't charge a restocking fee.  Mahogany is one of the most stable tonewoods so you shouldn't need to worry about humidity too much.  Just follow the same rules that apply to any solid top guitar which means don't expose it to extreme temps and try to keep the humidity between 40% and 60%.
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