Hi Guys

firstly i do apologize if this is in the wrong forum section, i'm still fairly new to UG forums.

Basically i've been playing acoustic guitar now for somewhat 10-11 years, i've gigged in several bands and now i want to try Solo.

my gigs will be covers ranging different years with my own twist to keep it fresh and different.

Some songs will be accompanied by backing tracks also.

My question is, how much should i be charging for my gigs? I am going to be scouting different venues tomorrow asking landlords for any possible gigs within the future but i don't want to seem clueless about the price if they bring it up.

typically in my old bands (all 4 piece) we was paid roughly £240 depending on the area.. but now its just me on my own would i still ask for £60 or higher?

any advice would be greatly appreciated