I did quite some research and couldn't find a wiring diagram, or maybe I'm just too stupid. Anyway, I have the EMG 81, SA and 85 pickups. I don't understand why they all have three wires, though. Passive single coils have two, and passive humbuckers have three. This is over my head  
I want to replace the ones from my Cort X-6 VPR. The old pickups are passive.

The guitar has a volume pot, a tone pot and an "import" style 5-way switch. 
Now, from all I know, the EMGs have three wires:

-red = battery, have to join them all
-white = tone
-black = ground

So, how do I do it? I found this pic:

Do I put white on 1 and a wire from 2 to the volume pot, and solder the black ones on the pot? 

If any of you lovely, beautiful and insanely talented people could even provide a wiring diagram, I would be forever grateful!  

Again, the list of my hardware:

- EMG 81, EMG  SA single coil, EMG 85
-1 volume pot
-1 push/pull pot (used without coil split function)
-1 import 5-way blade switch (Cor Tek)
-active input jack

Thank you very, very much!

the dude who just mindlessly tore his guitar apart
johannesheidel Have you emailed EMG?  Surely they have something you can work with.  
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