I just want to figure out how to play the intro to Brothers Osborne - It Ain't My Fault. I started it in the Tab creator on the site so i don't know if i can just submit it unfinished and people will help or should i submit it here. Please advise and any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Try something like this... It is the way I hear it...

E -------------------|--------------|-----------------------|
B -------------------|--------------|-----------------------|
G -------------------|--------------|-----------------------|
D -------------5-----|--------------|-----------------------|
A ---5--7-7--7---7-5-|--------5-----|-----------------------|
E -7-----------------|-7-7--7---7-5-|-5-5--5-7-5-3--5br-3-0-|

By the way... For some reason on a live version he plays it around where you have it...
However, for some reason on the album to me truthfully I hear it higher up on the neck
And on other strings...

Also, there are 2 guitars playing in the intro... I believe one electric and one acoustic...

So if you are playing this with one guitar (only you) I believe what I have above will work for you...

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This is awesome thank you so much! That does sound pretty spot on for the first part. I have that part flowing pretty well but at the end of the intro where it goes "it aint my fault"  do you think that goes Am G Em I can't seem to make that part sound right. Thanks again any help is greatly appreciated. 
Try it like this:
I use the A chord rather then Am and use
one finger to barre the A chord as I have it shown.

   A G Em
E --------
B --------
G -2------
D -2---2--
A -0---2--
E ---3----

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