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Alvarez AG75CE
0 0%
Alvarez AF30CE
0 0%
Takamine GN71CE
0 0%
Takamine GN93CE
1 7%
Takamine GN20CE
0 0%
Takamine GF30CE
0 0%
Takamine GF15CE
0 0%
Seagull S6 Concert Hall
3 21%
Taylor Big Baby
10 71%
Voters: 14.
Tony Done Recording king isn't available where I stay. I've heard Yamahas are overpriced for the quality of guitars they produce. Is it true? And if its not, what Yamaha models would u recommend? Preferably a grand concert or grand auditorium shape guitar. Thank you!!!
My top 3 budget brands that shoot out reasonably priced, good to play guitars are (in no specific order..),
Cort - their low-mid range guitars like the Earth 70 or even lower if you can't afford are quite good. OEM made, precision engineering. Almost identical cutting for every guitar, should come out just fine. Heard by a few people that Cort are making guitars with quality and sound just below what you could classify as a low end Tay/Martin. Not sure how true, or to what extent however.
Yamaha - They price their low to mid range guitars for the beginners and amatuers. They target the market right - cheaply priced and very good to play. The F-310 is a very good example. You can't go wrong with a yammy.
Takamine - A pretty well known brand, slightly overrated because of such, but their D and G series, like the yammys, you can't go wrong with them. Find a reasonably priced girl, check and compare, make sure you get a good tak.

And always remember. Play in store. Play and play. If you can't play, buy a guitaring friend a beer, and drag him to the store to play for you. A guitar with tons of inlay and ash burl figuring may look nice, priced cheaply but play like a granny on a rocking chair. It's all to do you your ears as well. Good luck!

(And if you're willing to explore, or spend a little more - mid range Epiphones, Ibanez's (solid wood ones), Tanglewood, , LAG and Seagull, and of course the ones you listed in your poll can all be considered as well!)
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AORNova do you have any concert or OM models that you would recommend? Im looking for mostly these as a dreadnought is too big for my liking and I'm looking at fingerstyle playing more than strumming
What is your budget?
The "mid-low" range of Sigma's are pretty rock solid, with solid tops. Takamines in both D and G (the lower end G series) all are laminates, but sound nice too!
State your budget, preference of solid/laminate (or no preference)!

p.s Since you're not going to be a hard strummer, and you dislike the bulk of a dread, I guess a 000/OM/parlor body shape is all we'll consider for now.
AORNova I've not heard of sigmas before. Maybe it's cause it's not available where I live. Takamine G and D series seem to be abit too big for my liking. I do not really have a preference for solids or laminates, both are fine to me. My budget is below $600 SGD but I don't mind saving up more if the guitar that I'm going to get is good. I can't seem to find good OM or 000 shape guitars. Do you have any to recommend?

Don't get beguiled by wikiwisdom and herd mentality. Whatever works, works. Although I have had a L-00 (00 size) for many years, I have had a lot more dreads and still prefer their strong, decisive bass and "simple" tone. The important thing for me is to find one that is "tight" sounding, not too big and open.
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Hey! I live in Singapore too! Hello haha
To answer your question, yes, dreadnoughts are more a strumming master. They sound more bassy, more emphasis on low end, which means they have extremely big volume and projection compared to a concert (GA) or 000 sized guitar. A 000 guitar has better balance and more mid range emphasis, great for fingerpicking. A dread may come across as more boomy which may make your playing slightly weird imo.

s$600 should be more than enough to get you a very decent 2nd hand acoustic, and will get you a low to mid range brand new.

I personally suggest 2nd hand, as they will have been played in more, and it doesn't justify the extra cash to get a new one (since the only difference is that it's been owned before), but make sure you find a diamond, not a lemon that's useless to play. My Sigma is secomd hand, but I've met the original owner who's extremely passionate about guitars, and kept her very well.

About Corts
Corts are good pieces. Just find a mid range one, not ones all laminate. L100c is a good piece from Cort. Very comfortable and balanced.
2nd hand, a good cort will set you back $190-250. Not sure about the tops though. Hit and miss.

About Yamahas,
I find that low end Yamahas are the best low end guitars out there. They really nailed the market in that area. However, from mid to high range yamahas, there are many more guitars and brands out there that will smash them in terms of price and tone. So unless you plan on getting a low end yamaha, it really isn't worth.
2nd hand, a good mid range Yamaha will set you back $250-350 (you're paying for the brand, really). Most likely solid top.

About Sigmas,
Sigmas are not well known nowadays. But they make very good solid pieces. I've not heard anything go wrong with Sigmas, and I won't give up my 000 for anything else.
2nd hand, a good piece will be around the $200-$300 range, and will have a solid top.

About Takamines

Takamine are quite good guitars. No doubting. Just that there are too many taks floating around that are all laminates, and they sound tinny and horrid. Well, Taks generally sound more bright and tinny, to me and a few friends. Get a G series over a D series if you intend to get one. 2nd hand, a G series can be found under $200, but it'll be a all laminate.

About Ibanezes

Ibanez are a real talking point. The common thinking is that they pride themselves on bling, exotic wood ply, and show over quality and sound (on acoustics). Lower end Ibanezes are mostly all laminates, and even some supposed "higher range models" have laminates. Most Ibanezes you'll find have fancy woods but are almost all the time laminated, so fancy but useless. Sometimes a good Ibanez solid top works well. The Artwood series is one of them. If you're going to get a Ibanez, get a solid top, and play it. Ibanez do make Artwood OM/000 guitars, do try them.

About Fenders

Fender acoustics are pretty known to be a go-to brand for people transitioning from electrics, because, well, if the electrics are good so will the acoustics, right? Wrong, Fenders are similar to Ibanezes, the lower end will be all laminated ply, and it'll take quite a while for you to find a good Fender that isn't laminated. Being said though, Fender do make "good higher end laminated models", unlike Ibanez. Try a Fender acoustic out and go for a solid top, but dreadnoughts seem to be the norm, I doubt you can find a OM Fender acoustic (or being ne I couldn't find one..?)

About Maestro Singapore

Maestro is a Singapore local guitar company. They make very good guitars for the buck. I've personally had two Maestros, one Solid top and one laminated. Both were excellent, especially the laminate, as I was expecting trash. They have really stepped up their game since 2010, and I'd say their higher models would trash any low end martin, taylor, breedlove (probably anything). They are really faultless. For Maestros, find anything. No faults with them from my experience, so why not. Plus their service is pretty good too! You can find a good Maestro 2nd hand for $200-$300 easily. I found a preowned high end Elite series Maestro running at $310, check that out below!

Hope this helps!

p.s you singaporean you should know carousell app right? Just type in "Sigma guitar" - there are more around than you think. And if you want a good takamine, search "Takamine G series". If not, you'll get returns of many many d series that are worth less than 150.

Here's some Carousell deals worth looking at (I'll pop in a few good sigmas, plenty out there at the moment. And a good blend of cort, yam and taks too.)

Sigma OMM ST for S$220 https://carousell.com/p/111198470 on #carousell
Sigma Guitar 000ME for S$260 https://carousell.com/p/109568283 on #carousell
(My buddy's Sigma, selling off at a very good deal atm) v
Sigma OMR-1ST With Pick Up for S$370 https://carousell.com/p/107133662 on #carousell
Takamine Semi Acoustic G Series for S$250 https://carousell.com/p/110076699 on #carousell
Guitar - Takamine GJ72CE-NAT for S$495 https://carousell.com/p/47858369 on #carousell
Cort L100C NS for S$270 https://carousell.com/p/110283773 on #carousell
COLLECTOR'S MAESTRO ELITE EA2 handcrafted guitar 1/2 price for S$310 https://carousell.com/p/74230838 on #carousell

Also, if you wish to reach to the top of your s$600 budget (which you certainly don't have to), or just wish to upgrade in the future, there are also better 2nd handers.
Plenty of Taylor Big Babies, Yamaha A series, Takamime G series (better quality ones), Guild, Blueridge, Maton solids, Breedloves, Guilds ectra. Do some reasearch bud, and don't be brand driven. And also, don't limit yourself to one guitar or one manufacturer. Find the guitar your after.

(I can't find any yamahas listed under $300 that isn't all laminate or low end, seems like the market is slightly off at the moment for yamahas. :/ Same for good Ibanez's. )
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The S6 is a very good entry level guitar.  If you are playing unplugged or miced that would be my choice for the home or campfire player.  If you are using a piezo pickup they sound a bit boxy and boomy in the lower midrange.  If you are playing plugged in then the big baby is probably going to be a better option.  I also really like the lower midrage yamaha guitars and would suggest trying a few of them out.
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Yup, Seagull S6 is great. Had a shot to recommend that to OP but where we live, even second hand, at best it was being resold at sgd$750 (usd 640?), which is above budget.
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yeejiat99 Yamaha make some of the best guitars for the money IMO.

I agree. Check out the smaller bodied Yamaha FS800 or FG800 if you want a dread. Solid spruce top and scalloped braces. Of the choices listed in the poll, I'd probably go for the Seagull. I see no reason for a CE model unless you need it for gigging or band work. Otherwise, you're paying for electronics you don't need.  The cutaway is potentially nice, but most of us don't play acoustic that high on the neck anyway. 
AORNova thanks for taking the time to type all these man, rly appreciate it. I'll definitely check out some of those carousell deals. What do you think of Martin guitars? My friend who plays guitar told me to save up to get a Martin from city music during the next promo. What are ur opinions on low end martins?
tommymc I want to get a guitar that can last me for at least 5 years so i would want the pickup so when I get better I can do gigs. Do u hav any gd OM guitars with pickups to recommend?
Martins are.. well, Martins. You can never really really go wrong with a Martin. However, stay away from the fully HPL (laminate) guitars. Try to at least get a solid top, like their budget X series. Lower end Martins are very good, if you consider the price gap to a high end one. They offer good quality whilst retaining that Martiney woody tone.

And of course, yes, citymusic promos are a go to. Try to find a good deal and a good guitar, but bare in mind it doesn't need to be expensive nor a Martin. Your "dream guitar" may not be a $5000 Martin D-42, but maybe a $500 Alaverez instead. Really need to play to feel and get the best tone you like.
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tommymc I want to get a guitar that can last me for at least 5 years so i would want the pickup so when I get better I can do gigs. Do u hav any gd OM guitars with pickups to recommend?

Yamaha does make some models in the 800 series with a cutaway and pickup. If you like the smaller body, check out the  Yamaha FSX800C.  Also keep in mind that while an acoustic-electric is the most convenient, it's not the only way to gig with an acoustic guitar. You can always install an aftermarket pickup, or even use a mic. 
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Yamaha does make some models in the 800 series with a cutaway and pickup. If you like the smaller body, check out the  Yamaha FSX800C.  Also keep in mind that while an acoustic-electric is the most convenient, it's not the only way to gig with an acoustic guitar. You can always install an aftermarket pickup, or even use a mic. 

What he said. Sometimes electro-acoustics can be quite shit. To me, a fully acoustic guitar was made to sing as well as it can be. An electro acoustic would be made to sound good plugged in, so it might not sound as good when acoustically played.

That said, for example, the Yamaha LL16 is a good electro acoustic, and a CPX yamaha is a rubbish-ier electro acoustic. You can always get a very good acoustic (Maestro Omega, for example), and install a aftermarket pickup as an addon, and you'll get the best of both worlds.

I was lucky my Sigma was good both plugged in and acoustically. Worst thing you can get is a electro acoustic that plays shit plugged in and shit acoustically. Do your research bro haha