I've been showing off the Coaxe powered build as follow, but I wanted to circle back to a lucky accident that happened along the way-

I knew that the coaxe pups + big mahagoney slab was going to be thick and I like to thin out sounds for rhythm- I was looking for something like a strat 2 position. So I included a HooP option for the center position, combing both coaxe pups.

Per the following diagram and attachment, it's a variable hoop- this diagram shows the phase reversal, pot and cap for the bridge pup in 3rd position (green and white tapped leads are swapped)- When combined with the neck, there is definite HooP effect-

But here's the weird part- I didn't include the cap when I strung it up- I alligator clipped different caps into the circuit to see what worked best and surprisingly, I found I absolutely love the sound without a cap at all!

With a capacitor, the HooP effect was there, but relatively mild-

However, without the cap, it sounds like I've built a massive high pass circuit- I can roll practically all of the bass off, but keep a nice thick top end and I want to know what's going on? (it's a great, great way to roll off the thickness).

My first thought was that I was somehow rolling off the neck pup, however, a screwdriver tap test confirms it still on full- Plus the HooP is on the bridge, not the neck.

And now it get's weirder- The Hoop circuit is part of the tapping switch, not the PUP selector- So I can keep the Hoop on and change pups and the biggest surprise is how good these unplanned sounds are!

In these combinations, a middle pup is combined with one of the coaxe pups in the traditional 2 and 4 position- They are thick, but slightly quacky- some nasal attitude mixed with thick.

Since i don't understand how the HooP is working in with the Neck and Bridge combo, I can't even imagine how these 2 and 4 positions are being semi-Hooped. But boy is it good-

So, I would appreciate guru input- What is this circuit actually doing?

I would like to recreate it on future builds, but I want to understand what I am doing first.

Thanks as always!

Coaxe thread for Background-

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