For those who actually *have* one, what are the differences between old and new? The old ones *seem* to be "cheaper" than the new ones, and the new ones are Japanese-built (no?).

I've been very casually (as in "not so much, really*) keeping my eyes open for a good T-style guitar. I kept my eyes open at GC (barely) and looked at a wall full of them at Wild West in Pasadena, and I've mishandled several at vintage dealers ("Seriously, this thing is worth five grand?!?"), but honestly, I can't tell what the differences are. It just seems to be a cheap guitar with a whole bunch of different prices. Almost nothing distinguishes one from another. And I'm talking about a *real* tele, here, not the ones that have P90s, humbuckers, three pickups, yada yada.

I'm seriously conflicted. Should I just pick up an under-$100 SX Furrian? It seems to be about as Basic a Tele as you can find, and it's got all the correct bits and pieces, and if I'm going to be using it as a combination guitar, canoe paddle, cutting board and pizza peel, why spend a whole lot of money on pretty much exactly the same thing with a different price tag? I can't say that out loud, because I've had people look at me in horror as if I'd just said Trump will win the next Presidential election. I'm obviously NOT in the know.

So I was talking to Andy Timmons the other day, and he mostly plays Ibanez "strats", but he's had a Talman for, like, years, and he's got one of the new ones now as well. It looks like someone screwed up the headstock *and* the body on a Tele, and couldn't figure out what to do with the controls, exactly. His is butterscotch blond with a black pickguard and a maple fretboard, but it's got a tummy cut, an upper cutaway, an offset waist and a forearm comfort cut, as if a Jazzmaster and tele had a love child, and it hasn't grown some of the bits and pieces yet.

For me, it's just odd enough to work.

The TM1702 Prestige[ comes in a burst and a putty-colored "vintage white" and probably a few other choices.

These weren't all that popular when they first appeared. The current versions are re-issues.

Who has these and can comment?
Man, I don't know what you do, or how you meet these people, but Andy Timmons is a freakin' master, and I'm jealous that you get to casually chat him up.

I don't own a Talman, but I too am casually interested in one. I love identity crisis guitars.
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He's a friendly guy.

Timmons, that is. dspellman is a terror.
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Quote by dannyalcatraz
He's a friendly guy.

Timmons, that is. dspellman is a terror.

He seems that way from videos, just loves to play! I love his Mark V 25 demo, the Mesa rep keeps trying to talk about the amp and Andy just keeps wailing. Not in a rude way, but in a "cool, cool, I just want play it though! *widdly diddly diddly*"
I'm just a kickin' and a gougin' in the mud and the blood and the beer.
I'm noticing that the early Talmans are available relatively cheaply, but the current "Prestige" versions are around $1200 new, dropping to around $700-750 used in excellent condition. I'm assuming that there have been improvements.

When these first came out (originally), they were pretty much ignored; maybe the new ones will be as well.
I had an early Talman, bought used, not sure which model, but M(assembled?)IJ, clear finish, 3-ply laminated top, 3*lipsticks, which I think were Sky. It also had a cast metal jack socket, not the plastic version that followed soon after. IIRC it had the typical Ibanez flat profile neck.  It was well made, and I liked the look, but I couldn't get on with the poor string-to-string balance of the lipsticks. Now I would likely keep it and change to a different style of pickup.