In the past I always left the strings on the electric when I stored it for a long time, I would detune them ~1.5 to 2 steps.
What do you folks think about long term storage with no strings at all?
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I doubt it will affect anything adversely.
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I mean why would you pull all the strings off if you didn't have too.
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Quote by AcousticMirror
I mean why would you pull all the strings off if you didn't have too.

There was a problem with the bridge on the Agile, the finish had flaked and the metal was degraded, sent an email to them they sent out a new bridge literally 1 day later, which was cool.

But this Strat I've been screwing with for months now has finally settled into being playable, so I thought I would store the Agile string free and play the Strat for a while.

If the Agile is out on its stand, I will always pick up that over the Strat.
I am guesstimating that because they are made to have tension on them that storing them with strings would prol' be a safe bet. 
slack up the strings a little bit, control the environment and you will be fine.
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I've stored acoustics for long periods just with the strings slackened, in a fairly stable environment. I would likely keep a little tension on the strings of an electric to reduce the risk of back-bow.

Yeah I'm putting strings on it.
Guitars are designed to have string tension on them. So long as you store the guitar in a stable environment, and don't set the neck into a backbow with the truss rod, I don't see what damage can be done.
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