Hi all,

First time on this forum. I want to get back into guitar and have a couple different guitars lying around my house, and would like some advice on which one(s) I should get refurbished/setup/restrung, but don't know which one I should choose. Here are the models:

Ovation Celebrity CC 057
Taylor Big Baby BBT
Takamine EAN15C

I was thinking of getting the Ovation done as I am going to be long distance traveling soon and it might be fun to bring with me as it seems fairly durable, as well as one of the others to keep at home. Would love some advice and opinions, thanks.
Well, the Ovation is likely the most rugged,, while the Taylor would take up a bit less room as a carry on, (I'm assuming air travel with that). I know virtually nothing about Takamine, save for the fact that I've seen Garth Brooks play a Tak dread when performing live.
I'd use the Ovation for travel, the materials should withstand atmospheric changes better.  Loosen the strings before carry on.
I'm not sure about the Ovation idea. The mating of synthetic b&s with a timber top might create problems due to temperature changes. The reason I think this is because many years back I knew a guy in my home town who traded in vintage guitars. He would have nothing to do with Ovations because he reckoned he had seen too many where the top was separating form the bowl. I have, however, no first-hand experience, and they may have improved since then.

I personally would go with the Big Baby due to small size and bolt-on neck construction.