Hey guys,

it's been a long time since I posted a song here.

I wrote a bunch of new songs and I wanted to share some of them with you, so I can get some critics on them. (Maybe just one or two, you don't have to listen to them all!)

Link to full list of songs: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B67PX2qDpCY0bVhmVF95amh3aDg/view?usp=sharing

About one half of them has no text or name, just the song with the vocal melody, the other half is finished, with lyrics.
And as you can see in the title of this thread there are all different genres, but no metal vs pop or something, just different kinds of rock/punk/pop/ballad. So for example Song 1 is a heavier rock song and song 3 is more like a pop-rock song

I hope you enjoy it

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If you export some to gp5 or midi I'll gladly take a listen but I dont have gp6
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Hi thorbor ,

I tried it in GP5 but in my opinion the songs sound so much worse in just midi, it's just not the same feeling.

So i exported every song in directly in GP as MP3 and PDF.
Now you can hear the songs in the sound I wrote them. I hope you enjoy
Hey, thanks for the heads up. I listened to all of them and there's nothing really wrong with them, but also nothing for me to really critique since it's way too boring musically. Poprock really is more about the lyrics than the music, especially when all the music are just powerchords. I see you tried to write in different styles although I wouldnt go as far as saying that these songs actually belong to different genres, since pop already is a blanket term and these certainly fit the bill.

It just so happened that last weekend I was on a longer trip which had me listen to the radio for the first time in years again over a prolonged period of time, and inbetween 900 kilometers worth of listening to radio, I found like a total of 3 songs that I considered worth listening to again, 2 of em being songs I happened to know and was actually surprised to see on the radio. Then last night I happened to click myself through a bunch of 2000's poprock and just wondered, who the hell would listen to a whole album of this.

In any case, not trying to be a dick here at all, just a general rant about pop I guess. The fact of the matter is though, that you seemed to have done what you set out to do and there is nothing wrong with it. I'm just not the guy to be critiquing poprock and I was just curious to see what your songs were like.

cheers mate
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