Hey guys I have a 6262 2x12 combo sitting around it's in pretty decent shape. I'd like to sell it however I powered it up and it definitely needs a retube. The cheapest I've seen is on JandJ for 130 ish. I'm not going to sell any one something that's not 100 percent functioning so my question is do you guys think it's worth it to retube it to sell?
Why does it need a retube?  Either way not worth it.. Just sell it as is but be clear in the description that it might need one.
Honestly it'll be hard enough as it is selling it used, if you add more money into, you'll just end up raising the price right?  Most people wont want to buy refurbished/used Bugeras unless there is some kind of warranty that comes along with it. That's why I bought mine refurbished. it came with a 3 year warranty . 

Ebay sells refurbished ones with warranty for $360 and free shipping. So that's kind of what your competing with. If you sell it locally people will probably low ball you and want to pay $200-250 tops for it with even with the new tubes.  Selling it online will be even harder because of the shipping weight, it would cost around 80 bucks to ship.
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AcousticMirror yeah it looks like more than one is trashed

The getters on the other three are fine. But one of those use completely blown.
Prs se Holcomb is the answer
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I'll give you $80 for the combo as is.
if would cost that much to ship it. I'm not strapped for cash im just at an impass becuase its just sitting