Hey I'm trying to get the Metallica tone (master of puppets) and wondering if the new Randall rg (1003, 1503, 3003) can get a close tone. I'm willing to buy a tube screamer If needed. I'm currently running a Gibson Les Paul 50s tribute ~~ Kirk Hammett sig. wah ~~ Line 6 spider iv 15. Suggest any other amps, my budget is around $600. I'm not looking for a tube amp because 1. I'm playing in my room and it's too loud 2. Because I don't wanna waste tube life playing random crap and I won't be touring or playing at a gig anytime soon. So I'm thinking about the randall rg1503.
Cool album. From what I remember reading around about that recording they used Boogie for pre's and Marshall's for power. Best bet (imo) is command of the tunes and some kine of approximation via pedals. Going SS, I would hit GC buy something used with a decent clean channel and flesh out the rig with pedals. should be possible with a $600 budget.
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Firstly I hope you're aware you'll never get your tone identical to that of Metallica, but you can get close. Years and years ago my friend owned a Randall 50 watt (i forget the model) and it was pretty decent.
I don't agree at all with what you said about tube amps also. I've used tube amps for the last 5 or so years and I've used them exclusively in my bedroom and volume isn't an issue. Sure I can't really ever go past 3-4 or so but you can't do that with most amps (tube amp or not).
You don't want a distortion pedal. Simple as that. If there is any pedal necessary to get then it's an overdrive, but I wouldn't focus on that until you've found an amp personally.
I'm not expert by any means on amps for Metallica but what you've suggested seems reasonable. Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe at one stage Kirk used Randall amps? Not entirely sure on that one.
Anyways, best of luck. I highly suggest you ask this same question in the other forum i mentioned. You'll get more/better answers there.
vayne92 thanks for the info but I'm 14 man and I've been playing for 3 years so I'm not gonna need a tube I'm just practicing in my room. But what hi gain tube amps would you recommend with a tight bottom.
Amp / Pedals...

I checked out a few clips of the newest Randall RG's online.. 2x12 RG1503 and 1x12 RG80, having owned one of the "old school" RG heads from the 80's I would say the the newest versions although different than the old are a good modern version and do have a Metal flavor gain wise. The RG801x12 is prol' plenty for the average size room but maybe the 2x12 1503 is the way to go if more than one speaker is desired. They seem to be a good all around SS-Metal flavored amp but I wouldn't expect to nail any specific tones. The Marshall code series looked interesting but I have no idea what the deal is with that series.

With pedals, I think it all depends on the amp. With Randall for example one might want something to stack with the gain channel to tighten it up, smooth it out or what not. Or, maybe an EQ for shaping like Dime' did with the old school RG models.  I will say though that a chorus would be a good pedal to get if you don't have one already. iirc, Metallica uses Roland amps in teh studio for cleans/chorus so something from the Boss camp might be good. A used Boss CE-5 or CH-1 for example. But there are lots of chorus pedals out there.
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Ok to make a long search short you will need a Mesa/Boogie mark 2C+ head and the high gain settings as some Boogies vary on that.

The pictures above is what I found to replicate it and that is the Mesa/Boogie Quad pre amp with the tone settings from the actual recording notes from Sweet Silence studios which are public do get very close. It's tube amp tone and no effects will give it.

Triaxis pre amp and Mark III/IV along with the new Mark 5 are also in the same category. 

The picture of James is at Sweet Silence 1985 during the recording of Puppets! The King V still survives and it was 1 year before Mustaine got his first one.

You can see the crunch berries Mesa 2C+ head that is James favorite head and are on most all official recordings.

Go Boogie! That is the way for real Metallica old school tone. You can get used Boogies for a lot less than a mk2c+ head and still nail it pretty much.

I suggest to first find the settings online and then go for amp testing to get first hand experience.

Some of the notes will have a circle which means pull as Boogies have that function. Like treble 5 and a circle which means pull. Bass 6 no circle no pull.

Metallica gain starts at 7
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Sure but even at that age you can go and test it.

The advantage is that you will know what will sound close enough and you will not waste years and money on effects or amps trying to sound like it.

Your age should not be an excuse for at least be doing the ground research like cost of the mentioned Boogies, how close to you and testing some.

Finally there are no limits to what you can earn in life you just need the exact amount and look for the way to do it

A Quad preamp is not the most expensive alternative but a killer tone monster including Metallica thrash.

You will need a poweramp and speaker but this is an investment into the future for you.

You can check out Quad and Studio preamps on youtube to start with.
im 90% sure I'm going to the the evh 5150iii 50w head. It's about a 30min drive to where it is in ohio
Quote by areskoch
im 90% sure I'm going to the the evh 5150iii 50w head. It's about a 30min drive to where it is in ohio

Ya, I remember that thread. I'd have figured you scooped that up already.
The problem when you are young the experience and knowledge is not there.

So in the process of guitar it takes time and your money to find what works. You got the idea for the sound but you have one big short cut to get the details on how to achieve it!

Back in 1991 when I got my first electric guitar I started in experience and knowledge at zero but I knew thanks to Puppets and Justice what it should sound like.

But while I could buy tab books getting the guitar and tone took a decade and some years before finally an ad with mk2c gain mentioned had me travel a few hours to check it out.

Buy the Quad, get home and then try the now published real tone settings to find wow that's it!

I did not have the Internet and information!

So it was metal zone and the like effects that were waste of time and money that should been invested in the real Mc coy. Nothing but comprises and as your ears develop so does your taste in tone hopefully.

Location has something to say as well. I live in Denmark and while early Mesa stuff is rare and US Jackson guitars I managed to find both.

So rare is until you find it and if you are in US then it should be simple to locate.

Now you are aware get moving!
areskoch Get an Ibanez tube screamer for that 5150 head! Those two combined are a kick arse Metallica tone! I'll probably get ripped apart for such a common suggestion but that's because it bloody works.
BloodRust cool right now I'm mainly useing jazz 3s like the clear yellowish ones. Which picks does did Metallica use in the older days