Can anyone suggest something that will stay in tune in the $200-300 range? I'm fine having the replace the bridge itself at a later date, but I'm looking for an entire setup for less than $400 that will sound nice and stay in tune.

I might be asking the impossible, however.

I heard good things about Douglas floyd roses. Such as http://www.rondomusic.com/hadron627na.html or https://www.amazon.com/Dean-Michael-MAB3-Electric-Guitar/dp/B0038BRR7M

Are these good? Have any of you tried them?

Thanks for the help!
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If you are talking a guitar equipped with a Floyd at that price I'd recommend against it. Douglas guitars are not bad for money but Floyd on it is dirt cheap and won't last.

You get what you pay for
monwobobbo I've heard that they eventually start going out of tune. I was thinking it'd be possible to get a budget one and replace the bridge with a quality one at a later date.

Is that just a bad idea?
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monwobobbo I've heard that they eventually start going out of tune. I was thinking it'd be possible to get a budget one and replace the bridge with a quality one at a later date.

Is that just a bad idea?

If at all possible buy a quality guitar to begin with. With that guitar you'd likely end up replacing more than the bridge.
The cheapos are lots better now than they used to be. Part of the reason is that there are no more licensing fees to pay to Floyd Rose. Another reason is that there are Korean production lines that used to produce (actually, still do) Floyd Rose trems for Floyd Rose, and a lot of these are finding their way onto inexpensive guitars.

I've got a couple of recent cheap (er..."inexpensive") guitars that came with Floyds, and those Floyds *have* to be inexpensive to fit into the price structure, and I've actually got several bubble-pack German Floyds sitting on a shelf waiting for them to fail. Some of those guitars are now eight and nine years old, and one is from 1992, and I'm still waiting.

Douglas is an interesting brand name -- I know that Rondo Music sells it (I don't have any of their guitars, but I have several of their cases). I don't *think* I'd hesitate to buy something with their name on the headstock; reviews have been decent to excellent. But most of them that have Floyd-alikes have versions that are pretty close to the originals, and you should be able to replace them with higher-end bridges of the same design later on. I've replaced one bridge on an AL-2000 Floyd ( the guitar's original selling price was around $289) with an OFR and a large brass block more for the difference the block made than anything else, and I've got an identical guitar without the block that's getting the same (frequent) use. I'll let you know how that goes. But the cheap bridge is still doing VERY well and flutters perfectly after several years of bar use. I did enlarge part of the rout to get the block in and out, but nothing else required modification from cheap bridge to expensive one.
You can look at used vintage Kramer's like the Focus 1,000-6,000 series that come with OFR's that can be found in that price range.  You can also look at the new Kramer's that come with licensed FR's that are great guitars and the FR's are easy for a direct swap to an OFR in the future since they are the same dimensions. Otherwise find something with at least an FR Special since they are direct swaps for an OFR.  Most guitars that come with an FR Special are worth upgrading to an OFR because they are usually quality guitars where they only skimped on the trem.  The Jackson Adrian Smith SDX is a great example.    
Usually the cost of replacing the Floyd on a cheaper guitar with a better one offsets the cost of just buying a better guitar in the first place. But the MIJ Pro Jacksons are an exception to that rule. They sell so cheaply and are such good quality guitars that even when you sink the cost of a new OFR into them, they're still a bargain for the quality you get. I'd say take advantage of the fact that it's a buyer's market with the MIJ Jacksons.
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