It came like over week ago from Polish Guitar Center. It is my first  telly so i am so happy. Butterscotch finish seems a bit mixed red orange  in dark, however in a daylight its creamy butterscotch  . Guitar has quite fat and strong twang to it. I have attached file of  mp3 you can download and listen to it a bit. Plugged into Peavey Vip 2  with Classic Overdrive. Guitar is string throught the body as you see,  was build in Indonesia December 2016. Drawbacks? Jack is a little lose,  need fixing. Rest is in perfect condition. It is also really light.
Price Tag, just 175 $ new one. (750 Polish zlotych currency)
Action was poor, had to adjust truss rod a bit and lower action of the  strings. I have set it up with D'addarios 9,5-44 , however i am thinking  of 9-40 NYXL Balanced Set in netx month. I kinda like telecaster with  lighter strings. In a 7 string ESP ive got like 10-46 and a 62 on the  top. Telly feels better with 9's.
I need more tellys. Wish there was Red one with one piece maple neck.
Images here :
Link with demo , Bridge,Neck Peavey
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Nice score. I have one myself and after a bit of work it plays like butter.

Ill probably swap the neck pickup at one point but I actually think the bridge is decent for what I need.
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Beautiful guitar. Nice find.
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I just picked up an Affinity strat a few weeks ago and a little bit of tweaking was necessary, but once you do that, you have a solid guitar!
 I gots 1
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Those are nice guitars for the money. Love the color.
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Those are nice guitars for the money. Love the color.
the colour is really blonde creamy, and it twangs
what about the neck? is it thick or thinner? I am looking for a strat but I really can't stand skinny necks...
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Never had gibson or epiphone, but i can tell you its close to Schecter C modern necks. Dont like gibson :p