So i just installed some hot rails in my strat and theyre great for the most part. But, natural harmonics dont come out like they used to. Pinches are better than ever but just not the natural harmonics. They actually are louder when i use my singlecoil middle pickup. Ive looked tried every possible area around the frets but they just dont come out that well anymore.

Thanks for the help
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What im asking is if it could be a wiring issue or if anyone else has experienced this
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Well, I'm not a gear expert, keep that in mind. I'm more of a musician than an engineer for sure. But I don't really see how this could be an issue with the electronics, and not your technique. Natural harmonics and pinch harmonics are the same thing: it's the same result produced in two different ways. Any kind of pup-related explanation (the pickups not replicating high frequencies well, the pickups having too low of an output to catch the subtle vibration of the harmonic etc.) would apply to both techniques, unless I severely misunderstand guitar pickups and the techniques in question.

One thing that comes to mind is that there is a problem with your nut (considering it affects natural harmonics, but not pinched ones usually) but I'm not sure what the problem would be.

Move your finger around a bit when you're playing a natural harmonic to make sure you're not just missing the node slightly. It's a no-brainer but always worth a shot. EDIT lol didn't read the last sentence of your post, never mind.
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I dont think it would be the nut because the natural harmonics still come out just fine with the middle pickup. And the bridge pickup is high enough to the strings. Who knows, could just be my imagination
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Harmonics are sensitive to pickup location. The neck pickup doesn't usually get them as well as the bridge or middle. You may also find that certain harmonics come through much louder than others, such as the 5th fret vs the 12th.

They are also very different in timbre from normal notes, and so the voicing of the pickup makes a big difference. Single coils are made to get more of the treble overtones while humbuckers are much more about the mid range and lower overtones. The Hot Rails -are- humbuckers, so it makes sense that they'd transmit less of the characteristic single coil "chime" that you probably got used to.

You might benefit from a compressor. It helps bring up the quieter overtones and level out differing pickup output levels (ie middle single vs bridge bucker). Plus some compression makes your pinch harmonics really scream.
Alright that humbucker v single coil explanation made a lot of sense

PS thanks for the excuse to get a new pedal lol
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