Hi guys, i really feel dumb for asking this question, but i'm asking it anyway because i honestly have no idea.

From my recent post, i bought a vox mini3 amplifier, which can be powered with batteries. My question is, will the batteries' life be prolonged if I plugged in my headset in it instead of just using it's own speakers? 

i'm thinking it will prolong it because if i use headset it will only produce little sound? but i don't know if that's how it works, maybe it's the volume knob on the amp that determines the power needed and cancels out the headset factor, idk.

Any ideas, or experiences or tips/advise guys?

Thanks again
I doubt there would be much difference. Maybe a little. If it's an issue get something so you can plug it in
iampeterparkerjr Interesting question. My suspicion is that the phones draw less power than the speaker.  It would seem to make sense that would equate to less power being used, and longer battery life. But the speaker is a  pretty  wimpy 1x5" 3watts, so I'll bet any savings is minimal.  Why don't you test it out and let us know?