Ok, I have a ground outside, but I don't think it ever got wired into the fuse box.

(yes, I know...ewwww. safety wize... but yea let's not get into that here.)

(And I'm a newb when it comes to electrical circuits, so yes I would consult a pro before rewiring, unless it's simple as take the fuse out and switch the connection points at the outlet).

And I'm thinking because of this I am having the hiss and hum on my audio equipment and picking up the computer noise.

Is there a safe way to get rid of this (the hum) without rewiring the whole house?  As that would be ranging into many thousands of dollars which I do not have.  This is a house from like I think the 1940's  that is built of cinder block and has the two prong outlets.  I have a multi-outlet, all 3-prong, plugged into one of the 2-prong outlets.

I know it's not grounded in that 2 separate multi-outlet "surge-protectors" showed that it wasn't grounded (via their ground light).  ( Edit:  Additional testing via my tester shows I have "Hot & Neutral Reverse" setup here... I'm guessing somewhere the wiring went wrong in the installation of these outlets... will check further once I can take out the fuses to this room and probably the whole house to be "safe"... I mean there's only so much safety involved if wires were not done right in the first place, so... oi. )

This is all on one outlet.

I've heard it might be possible to ground it via a 3-prong outlet grounded to the metal chassis, but would that be right and safe (for both me and my pc's and equipment?)  And would this solve the hiss, hum, and pc noise most likely?

I've also heard of the ground-lifters/hum-eliminators... and that they can work sometimes depending on setup and where the hum/hiss is coming from.

Now, as for what all goes into the outlet via surge protector (and are not on at the same time, thus avoiding overload):
(and the surge protector goes into a 6 prong outlet extender which actually then goes into the duel 2 prong outlet)

Monitor A
Monitor B
5.1 speaker system
Studio Speaker
Wireless Router
Cable Modem
Cable box (for tv)
Racing Steering Wheel
Charging cable for surface pro 4.

What is connected to each other, and how?
Cable modem and Router are connected to each other via cat5E cable, and similar cable to the pc
Speakers are connected to the pc via the PCI-E 7.1 sound card
Monitor A is connected to pc A via DVI-D I believe
Studio speaker is connected to a scarlet 2i4 via RCA, and that box is connected via USB (usb2 I think), (my guitar is plugged into the 2i4 via the 1/4 preamp input on the front of that)
Monitor B is connected to cable box via HDMI
PC B is connected solely to the router via CAT5E cable.  No periferals or monitor, I just turn it on and use as a data server when I need to.
When I do use the steering wheel it is connected to PC A via USB (USB2 I think)

PC A and B, Monitor A and B, Modem and Router, Cable Box, 5.1 speakers, and steering wheel all connected to the surge protector.   That plugs into a 6 outlet box that connects to a duel 2-prong outlet.  I also have plugged into the 6 spot outlet a lamp, the wireless printer, and my studio monitor.

Some of you might be thinking, HOLY CRIPES that's a lot connected into a single outlet and VERY unsafe... again, I'll reiterate, I never use all at once.  At most I think I'll run say:  PC and monitor A, Studio Speaker, lamp, and printer.  or say PC A and B, Monitor A, Speakers and Studio Speaker.  And I'll also add that I don't fully crank my speakers or studio speaker, so the power use there is greatly reduced from their potential use heh.  So yea, I know unsafe but not as unsafe as the list makes it sound)
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