I'm interested in purchasing a Tech 21 Sansamp bass driver di deluxe, and had a couple of queries I would like answered before I go ahead.

In regards to the effect loop, can MULTIPLE other pedals be engaged by the programmable effects loop on the deluxe?

Does it remember the setting the other pedals were set to whilst that program was saved, or does it simply engage the pedals at their current setting?

I've heard that people recommend using certain effects post-sansamp, does this mean that effects which come after the sansamp in the pedal chain could not be sent to the FOH via the XLR out of the sansamp?

Feedback on these questions would be greatly appreciated.

Old thread, but it looks like a standard passive/switchable effects loop, i.e. it doesn't have any actual control over the pedal in the loop. You can run multiple pedals in the loop, but it wouldn't be able to change settings/store presets for those pedals, or switch them on/off (you'd have to do that yourself).

Any effects in the loop should go to FOH, but effects placed outside of the loop and after the BDDI will not. Not sure where the loop is placed in relation to the BDDI's circuit, but generally the loop comes post-everything, so any effects that you would normally place after the BDDI should go in the loop.