Who here is self taught and who here has studied privately?

On a tangent, I think now more than ever it is reasonable to be completely self taught. The internet can teach you so much these days. Online videos are a great resource as well.

On the other hand you can't jam with the internet like you can a teacher. They will also point out your mistakes way faster than the internet. Backing tracks are great, but jamming with a person teaches you much more.

What do you guys think?
I can't feel cheated teaching myself and wasting my own time vs having a teacher waste my time. The only thing I got out of private lessons was learning how to play Crossroads
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I'm completely selftaught on guitar excluding what I borrow from guitarists I know in person, which is a bit.  But those are far from formal.

Composing wise I did take a music college course thing for EDM, I did learn a lot in it, but I wouldn't recommend it for most people.  Immediately after completing it I got the single biggest check I've ever gotten for music and it covered the cost of schooling and then some. 
I started as self taught and then took lessons for about 2 months... I think that technically makes it so I can't say "self taught" any longer.
Totally self taught on keyboard, I also debate taking lessons again, I feel like some structure would do me good.

Edit: It's virtually impossible to be self taught, you're either learning from a song, a friend, a teacher and now a days youtube etc.
You're getting knowledge from others regardless.
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I took lessons for a while -- probably didn't learn as much as I could have, 'cuz I mostly just wanted to play Green Day & Nirvana songs at the time -- but I learned the basics & understand more about how music works than my friends who didn't take lessons, although they can play their instruments well enough.
I think there's an advantage to having someone guide you & model stuff in that very beginning phase -- you can teach yrself/learn from the web when you know what you are looking for, but if you don't know what you don't know, you will probably not try to learn it.
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I took lessons for a while -- probably didn't learn as much as I could have, 'cuz I mostly just wanted to play Green Day & Nirvana songs at the time

My situation was similar, I kept asking him to teach me Zeppelin songs and licks.
He got kinda tired of that after 2 months.

I did learn 2 things that I still use, that was the major/minor triads and the first position of the pentatonic scales.
i had a handful of "professional" lessons when i was about 6.

i quit because the teacher would spend an entire lesson on one string. no fretting, jut playing the open note. also the class was during my recess period and the teacher was just a general butthole.

started teaching myself again around 13-14.

just played Nirvana songs over and over. Rise Above occasionally, and a lot of making intentionally awful noise with the amp turned all the way up.

i still try to play now, but i haven't made much progress since then. bass is even worse. never really tried to learn how to properly fret anything (never use my pinky) or strum with my fingers and it's really hard and frustrating trying to do it now.