Hey I am getting ready to get a bass guitar! Which guitar / rig should I get? Post some beginner songs too! I have just shy of a year of guitar learning, but I really want to start bass, too.
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Well...what kind of thing do you want? What do you want it to sound like, look like, feel like, cost...
You should want to be like Lemmy and get yourself a ricky and backline of Marshalls.  Accept nothing less.  

All jokes aside, I learned on a Squier P-Bass and small Crate combo.  Was plenty enough for the first year of learning.  
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^Starter packs are not a bad way to go either, just watch your brands.  I'd avoid Dean and Epiphones; all the ones I've played seemed to have setup or other issues that can put off a beginning player.  

Ibanez and Fender/Squier are good choices for a beginner. And if you are looking for a solid beginner combo, Kustom puts out some lower wattage practice amps that are built like tanks. 

My New, $600 budget would go...

Ampeg BA-112v2 combo amp with built in scrambler ($299) and an Ibanez Talman TMB300 ($299)....
Is going used an option? You may find higher quality options for around the same price as new starter gear.
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an Ibanez Talman TMB300 ($299)....

Are we talking a *new* version of the Talman or one of the older versions. Apparently there's been a reissue...
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Are we talking a *new* version of the Talman or one of the older versions. Apparently there's been a reissue...

Good point. The new versions of the Talman.

 Did they have a bass line back with the old Talman issues? 
 You may consider getting a cheap bass to   find out whether or not you want to stick with it, then get something better. 
 As far as music goes,  maybe start out with 80's music. It has a lot of easy root bass lines. Stuff like Judas Priest, Billy Idol, etc. 
 Find songs you like and you'll want to spend more time with it. 
 Consider getting a beginner bass book from a music store. It will help you learn the notes on the fingerboard and how to read music.
  Good luck! There's plenty of help on these forums from experienced musicians, as well.
There are a lot of good starter basses out there, but used will get you into something better. That said, Squier basses are a good relatively common brand around. Ibanez SR's, Yamaha RBX, Schecter, Sterling...those are what I found offer solid budget options. Hell, I see Yamaha RBX304's going for $80 used at Guitar Center...just as example.

But, yeah going out and seeing what feels good to you is what you want.
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Understood- I waste money on amps*, too.

justinguitar.com is the answer