Just wondering if anyone has run across an acoustic guitar they thought was a particularly good acoustic for blues. I am undecided if I want to get one of the new Alvarez Blues guitars, such as the Blues 51, or go with a tried and true guitar like a Martin Macassar, or Taylor 214. I'll have to say I am leaning towards the Martin or Taylor just due to the stellar reputation those two brands have in the acoustic world and I listened to a shoot-out on youtube amoung a bunch of acoustics and those two really stood out to me, wasn't even close except between the two of them, the rest were bringing up the rear.
Anything you like, the old blues master weren't picky.

I play fingerpicked blues, more or less in the style of John Hurt, and I personally prefer tight, punchy-sounding guitars to big, open-sounding ones.  So, while I am a big fan of the way Taylors are made, they might not be top of my list for sound. I like some of the plain-braced Martins, but it very much comes down to individual guitars, and the same is true of Gibsons. John Hurt mostly played a Guild F-30 in the '60s, my favourite is a 25yo Maton M300 that is all-laminate and has Gibson '80s-style double-X bracing.
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Anything you like, the old blues master weren't picky.

Indeed ^  ^  ^  ^

But the Recording King ROS-16 (or ROS-06) takes a lot of beating: