Hey there!
I am trying to figure out what to buy to create the same vocal effects as the singer from STRFKR. Basically kinda echoey-ambience with maybe a little distortion.
I know perhaps on the album it's muliple overlaid tracks etc. but I know live he uses some kind of vocal processor?? Same with Tame Impala.

Any ideas or reccomedations would help. I've been doing research but having trouble knowing what to buy .

Look up TC Helicon Voicetone products. They have a pretty wide range of gear from standard pedal-size stuff to full-bore studio apparati. Spend some time getting to know what they do, however, because many a forehead has been dented by people going, "Aww, I shoulda..." when they find that a feature they needed was available in one product and not another. I think TC Helicon probably does the best job with this stuff. In fact, it's even included in one of my Korg Keyboards...
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dspellman thanks for the reply! This was helpful for me.

Oh, in that case look for the invoice in the mail.