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I tend to assume many musicians have music elsewhere in their family. I was introduced by my father when I was 5. Unfortunately I was more into Mario Brothers at the time. When I turned 10 I actually become interested. I wish I was interested when I was 5 though. How musical are your families? Super musical or not at all?

My mother is tone deaf and my dad was more into business than music.

So I'd say not at all.
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One of my brothers is active as a drummer in a local band, same with one of my cousins. I have another cousin that sings opera in San Francisco (with his wife). My dad played the radio. My mom played guitar and recorded an album, and my other brother played bass in a band with my aforementioned brother which recorded an EP in high school. 

Personally, I played the gamut of bass clef brass (baritone, trombone--slide and valve, sousaphone) and dabbled in the tenor sax at a summer program. That was it until about 2 years ago.
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None of my immediate family play instruments, but they always loved music and listened to it in the house when I was growing up.
Nope. My particular generation, not one of us could hold a tune in a bucket. Mum was the same, dad is basically the line6/marshall mg of singing - emits the pitch correctly, but sounds awful.
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• I play guitar, bass, and keyboard instruments
• My sister sings, plays guitar, harmonica, keyboard instruments, ukulele, some banjo, some violin. 
• My mom sings and has played guitar and organ in the past
• My dad doesn't do anything musical
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my mother still sings in a choir, and my dad is reasonably passionate about the three or so classical composers he considers acceptable

my siblings are both really into their music, although my brother takes it more seriously and gets invested in particular bands and artists whereas my sister more or less just likes any songs she likes; neither of them play instruments, although when we were kids we all did, kind of because our parents wanted us to but as far as i know we all pretty much made the decision to start of our own accord
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Very musical. My mother is a choir director and music teacher and my father is a singer. I married a fellow music student myself.
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my great grandmother used to tour around and do country/bluegrass.

she also possibly used to bang Jimmy Dean. the singer / sausage guy.

hell, maybe he was my real great grandfather.

a semi distant cousin does jazz or something, but he's a pretentious, elitist douche.

my uncle has been writing the same song for 25 years and it sounds like Staind.

he also once created a lawnmower sound with some software.


i can play a mean mediocre guitar and bass

and i sing in my car
Dad plays guitar.
Dad's dad plays guitar.
Mom's side I'm not too sure but her brother used to play guitar too.
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Kind of musical

Me - guitar
Dad - piano-accordion, piano
Bro - Piano
Gdad on mum's side - Owned/played mandolin, apparently to pickup chicks.
Cousin - Bass
Other cousin - Bass, Guitar, Piano, Drums
Uncle - guitar

Most of these are just hobbies, except my dad's cousin who is a somewhat locally famous pub musician.
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It somewhat runs in my family from my mothers side.

My grandfather played classical guitar and the steel drum. 

His son, my uncle played guitar for salsa bands and actually toured and lived a rockstar livestyle.

I picked up guitar when I was 15 when I found my grandfathers classical guitar. He died before I was born, but I learned how to play guitar. 
My mother used to sing in high school choir and my sister and I learned how to sing while growing up.

So yeah I guess there is a musical lineage.
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my mother plays saxophone (alto main), piano and clarinet and performs often in misc big bands. she is a kinda casual music listener though, I suppose it's that thing of being more into performing than hoarding some huge music collection. we do have some shared artists in some recent jazz bands (we're both kinda picky about what kinda jazz we like though and she doesn't like a lot of the jazz I'm into and vice versa)

my father plays guitar and harmonica just as a hobby (he has an electric guitar and a 12 string acoustic and at least 3 different harmonicas), never performed or wrote anything to my knowledge. He has a huge music collection and we have some shared artists like devin townsend and mastodon (older stuff).

siblings have never played any instruments but listen to music occasionally.

I got into music without any push from my parents as a teen and started learning guitar and piano on my own (then gave it up when I was like 18 because I was crap at writing and wasn't really enjoying playing enough to put in the effort to get good enough to perform other's works). I'm still heavily into music despite not playing any more, just content to be a spectator now.

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ish... my two siblings and I are very musical, but my Dad is hopeless and my Mum is not particularly - her Dad, my Grandpa, however was pretty good. He was a self-taught pianist who could play by ear, I thought it was so unreal when I was a kid.. All my related cousins learnt instruments when they were young but none have kept it up like my brother and sister and I have.
My brother also plays guitar and knows music theory and all that stuff. He's always analysing songs on the radio or working out what notes random sounds are.

My dad plays guitar sometimes and my mum used to play clarinet when she was young. My sister can probably play the tambourine. I have a cousin that plays guitar and another who drums and my grandma has a piano.
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Absolutely none at all, really. My mother and father are somewhat tone-deaf. Perhaps they can recognise notes, just can't sing them well. I'd somewhat relate to that. I think I might have an awkward baritone singing range or some sort of issue where I can hit half the notes in a higher and a lower octave, but not a full octave (so just shitty range then, sad!); so I tend not to sing much. 

Neither of my older sisters play instruments, although one can sing fairly decently, untrained. I've been mostly alone in my family in terms of progressing through musical challenge and abilities. Now I'm living on my own of course, so it doesn't really affect them much, what I do in my free time. 

I played clarinet for 8+ years before retiring from pursuing music as a career/study in preference for science, but I've instead taken up the opportunity to amass instruments and try to learn to play them all the best I can generally. This is fun for me because, well, reeds sucked and I enjoy learning new skills. Guitar is really challenging for me since it's a stringed instrument and I'm used to wind instruments. It comes with its own host of challenges, but I'm confident that once I get the technique of basic posture/hand positioning down I'll be able to use dedication to close my talent gap. I did play chinese violin (erhu) for a semestre in university and it was really enjoyable, although I wish I could have gone back and did it all 4 years rather than only one semestre. But, it is very different from guitar and I'm looking forward to the new journey. 

I like practising exercises and non-song type challenges that might bore other people, so I am looking forward to it. I'm also a really big fan of folk music and fingerpicking, so I cannot wait until I am decent enough that I can move into some of that. I'm super green right now, though, so that will probably be quite some time away.
Cousin plays in metal bands, dad plays guitar, mother played drums in highschool, brother's a drummer, I play guitar mostly. 

My brother's probably good enough to make money off drumming, but he's horribly unmotivated to play in front of people, I compose music alone on a PC or with other composers. 
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I'm pretty much the only living musical member of my family, barring an uncle that dabbled in guitar/piano in the 70's. My great grandad used to play Piano for silent films though haha
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Apart from my granddaughter having a couple of tambourines in her toy box, there's not a great deal of interest in making music in my family. Loads being listened to though. My daughter did want to learn the saxophone a few years ago but this quickly became a dust harbour.
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Dad plays guitar and drums.
His mum is a professional orchestra cellist.
His dad is was a proficient violinist and pianist.
My sister is an opera singer and was a grade 8 cellist.
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Only my brother really and I my nephew is trying to learn guitar and my grandson wants me to teach him, I'm told my grandfather used to sing along with a piano player at the local tavern but that was long before I was born.
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My mother hardly even listens to music. There are artists that she likes but she doesn't take the time to listen to music for recreation. She doesn't have a record collection or any sense of identity tied to her musical taste, which is rare in this day and age.
Grandfather dads side played fiddle, but I never knew him, and my grandmother moms side played church music on the piano.

Out of my immediate family, I'm the only one that plays an instrument.

my dad's a singer and a pianist, my sister's a singer and violist, and my mom sings.
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My biological grandfather, from what I understand, could play one hell of a banjo. My true grandfather plays guitar proficiently and sings pretty well. Lots of singers on my mothers side.

I am probably the most invested, though. Guitar is my primary hobby, how I spend a lot of my free time and money. I also make the biggest point of listening to music and finding new stuff to listen to.
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Every male on dad's side can play guitar at least, and many more also play violin, and grandpa can also play the accordion. 

On mom's side, every other person can either sing or play an instrument. My cousin is an opera singer.
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On my mom's side, nobody. Well, there's people that listen to music a lot, but NOBODY that plays anything.

My dad played three instruments and sang in a school musical. Pretty much everyone on that side plays multiple instruments. My grandma was the one that taught me piano, and gave me my violin.
Just a teenage girl who loves playing guitar way too much, if that's even possible.

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My grandmother on my dad's side plays a bit of guitar.  I think her father played guitar too, as does my uncle.  My father plays bass and my mother plays piano and a bit of guitar.  Someone on my mom's side of the family played in a band at the New Yorker hotel, possibly her grandfather.  One of my cousins plays violin and another plays guitar, as does my uncle.  One of my sisters plays ukulele, flute, and a bit of violin, and my other sister plays drums and piano.  I've dabbled in a few instruments for just one or two years, but I currently play guitar.
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My mother was raised in Seattle, and though white, brought up in the traditions of the Black church.  This is something that resonated between her and my grandmother when I was young and she loved to sing (doesn't so much anymore).  My biological father (whom I never met) was a guitar player in a metal band by night, Harley mechanic and painter by day in Vegas.  In my early days picking up the guitar everyone who knew him said I was spitting image and they believed the musicianship was passed down.  On my step dads side, country music was huge - my grandfather played quite a bit, and my great great grandmother played Vaudeville.  When I turned 16 my grandfather gave me two acoustic guitars.  One was the grandmothers guitar she played in New York in the late twenties, the other was the cheap acoustic he bought right before boarding a plane for Vietnam.  He kept the guitar with him (on base) for two tours - he was a helicopter gunner.  The guitar is banged up, and retains his Name stamped on the headstock for enlistment inventory.  Probably the most important guitar/s I'll ever have in my possession.  When I was a young teenager, he told many stories of playing guitar and having a rich country/bluegrass upbringing in Iowa as a kid.  Between the lot of it, I was destined to play music I think.  Too bad I ended up just playing doom  
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My dad played drums for years and years.

Yet I still had to teach myself how to play them because he was just "meh" towards the idea.
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My sister played violin in highschool, but I'm the only real committed musician in my family, playing guitar since middle school, picked up keyboards, synth pads, and started producing ambient, hip hop, trap, techno, trance beats, etc, etc. my family is pretty musical overall, everyone loves music, it's always a fight for who gets to play what music in the car lol
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Not really

My dad played viola in school orchestra. He played it like a fiddle by ear and got in trouble. Played some guitar, but not to a high level. Was always really interested in music.

Mom no. She was discouraged from singing as a child and is still damaged from that lol. If you ask her to hit a note she gets shook. Learned three guitar chords for church.

No one sings.

I think I had a great grandmother that played organ for silent movies.

I certainly think I take after my mother. Dad and my sister have a natural ear, while I had to practice mine

I have no natural singing ability, and I have a low voice, so I've never been able to practice by singing along with the radio. Maybe when Bing was on, but not now. Started taking lessons recently and I've made some marked improvement, so that's been exciting
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