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I'd guess no and keep looking.
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I think it's a bit large to fit in a gig bag (check the dimensions). As far as "good" goes, I think you're asking a bit much of a $27 purchase.

Buy 10 and you'll have a 100W stack for just $270!!!
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I'm looking for a portable amp that can fit in most gig bags. Is this Sawtooth any good? Any personal experience with it?


"Any good" at 28 bucks is an odd statement, really. Nothing at that price range is going to be good. A friend got one in a starter back and it was unusable from the start. I would not recommend. For 28 bucks, though, there is not much else in that price range, at such a small size to fit in a gig bag. You could get one of the branded Micro Amps like from VOX, Marshall, or Fender.

Maybe a more worthwhile option would be to get an amp simulation app for a smart phone if you have one. iRig, BIAS, Amplitube, Garageband, etc. You need a special adapter for them, though.