A mature guitarist doesn't need to practice loudly I've come to notice. After 4 years of jazz school, I noticed the best guitarists in the program during my time there practiced rather quietly while the lesser guitarists practiced obnoxiously loud. I try to practice at a talking volume these days. It's just annoying when the girlfriend still complains it's too loud at 10pm

What do you gents think?
depends what you're practicing, and what you intend to perform.

you can do a lot of stuff quietly, but full volume is necessary sometimes too.
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I try not to be very loud, but sometimes ur mom just can't help herself lmao.

But seriously, there probably is a distinction, but I don't think it's as black and white as being better or worse for it. I think the 'louder' players, as you put it, play more by feel while the 'softer' players play more by ear, which probably gives them more of an edge, but that doesn't necessarily means they're a better guitarist for it.

I say this because I'd consider my dad a loud player while I myself am more of a softer player. He often admits I'm a lot better than him, but there's definitely some qualities he has that I don't. Namely improvisational skills, which is probably aided with playing by feel rather than by ear.
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Depends on what you're practicing. I'm not a "heavy" player by any means, but there are some songs that you're really not playing right unless you're playing them loud.
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depends what you're practicing, and what you intend to perform.

you can do a lot of stuff quietly, but full volume is necessary sometimes too.

Yeah, so the point is you should be playing shoegaze all the time.
Depends on one's self importance
I play quietly if I can, but practicing dynamics is often extremely important
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