Today I was hanging out with my neighbor who has a lot of cool gear and gadgets. Stuff like one of bono's guitar to drones and all this other stuff he's acquired from his line of work. Anyways today he handed me an anvil case. Which is pretty damn cool but what makes it really cool is what was on the side of it. On the side of the case is Paul Mccartney's signature. That may be a bit confusing on why his name was on the side of it but the case was used as a storage unit for his microphone during one of his tours. It's pretty damn cool if I say so myself. If I know anything about serial numbers the case looks to be from about 2005. I looked up what type of microphones and gear he has used and found a few microphones and mostly Shure Sm57's but the imprint in the cushion in the case doesn't have that shape so it may have been a  Telefunken U57 which is also something he used? Not for sure but still pretty damn cool. I'll try and get a picture of the case and the signature tonight but it's quite late and I want to get some rest. Thanks for stopping by.