I played LTD M-50 FR at the guitar store and found that the string spacing near the nut is very less and it won't suit my somewhat thick fingers. I am also considering MH 50 so just want to know if it's string spacing towards the nut is same as M-50 FR or does it offer more room to fingers?

Also please give your views on MH 50 and H 51 models of LTD. I might ultimately buy one of these 2 only! Thanks in advance!
Never played either one. I'd imagine the string spacin is the same - the differences are in the neck contour and the arched body of the MH.
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the m50 and mh50 have the same neck both 42mm at nut like most esp ltds.  maybe the string sizes are throwing u off  at the nut, different string sizes make a big difference in feel, i have 54 on 1 esp and 60 on another, same neck, same guitar, totally different feel on neck spacing. 42mm is not to small for big hands my hand is huge compared to most and its no issue
I have a MH50, I like it
I won't go into the spec details because the guy above has covered it, and I probably have no idea what I'm talking about

So I'll describe the physical stuff: it's a bit heavy (in my opinion, heavier than the fender strat knockoff and the OS7 I have), has 24 frets with a FR Special, a wee bit annoying that if I use the FR too much, the strings detune (not sure if that's a problem with all FR bridges)

I've never played an H51 before, but from what is being noted on ESP's website, the H51 has a fixed (string-thru) bridge, so less nightmares about FR bridge problems. I'm not sure how you feel about tuners on the other side, so I'll leave that up to you. Headstock shape wise, they both look sharp enough to poke a hole in your wall (or at least dent it)

The only differences I see listed on ESP's website is that the H51 comes in red or blue, has a molded nut, a different style headstock and a fixed bridge. vs the MH50 that comes in only gloss black, has a locking nut (for the FR), a sharper headstock with tuners on the same side, and a FRSpecial

Links to them:
H51: http://www.espguitars.com/products/17294-h-51-car
MH50: http://www.espguitars.com/products/9740-mh-50-blk

My hands are sort of small to average, I have no trouble playing the MH50 without accidentally hitting the other strings..
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