Just picked up an ibanez RG 320dxqm for $70.

It came loaded with emg 81 and 85 pickups . Makes me wonder if the guy even knew what he sold me ?

Anyway it was a good deal and I didn't want to pass it up . It sounds great and plays pretty well . It just needed a 9 volt battery.

Only thing I find weird is how there is a screw behind the tremolo ? And the springs in the back were fully tightened . Is this because the tremolo was blocked off ? I don't have experience with tremolo so it just seemed weird to me.

Looks sweet!

I'm no expert, but the screw in the pickup cavity does strike me as unusual. I don't recall that being protocol for a blocked trem. I don't own anything with a Floyd, but I've never run across mention of needing to fiddle with the pickups for a bridge adjustment, FR or not. Even with respect to electrical needs, it seems like a weird move.
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The screw is likely there to prevent using pull-ups on the trem (with the screw in it would be dive-only).

BTW, when I've gotten a deal that seems far too good to be true, I've made it a policy to find out as much as I can about the person who sold it. Might even want to get a bill of sale and keep a copy of the ad (if Craigslist, eBay, etc.) and the phone number or other contact information.

If the guitar ends up being stolen, you will bear the initial responsibility for it, the guitar will be returned to the rightful owner and you will not be paid for your loss. Just a caution.
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This isn't the first time I've gotten a good deal, part of me always wonders if the stuff I buy is stolen .

If he steals to sell locally then its only a matter of time before he's caught . He had his name , and facebook linked to the offerup app where I bought it. Most of the time people just want quick cash . So I won't assume the worst. But I'll be honest it did seem a tiny bit shady that he sold it so cheap .
sounds like a good deal, worth it for the emgs alone most likely.

just dspellman's caution applies.
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