Hip Hap Hop
by Spargo
Type - Guitar Pro
Part - Whole Song
Tuning - Standard

Spargo is a group from the Netherlands, which was very successful in Europe with a couple of very fine disco songs in the early 80s. One of them is "Hip Hap Hop", which can be found on their "Best of"-album and has a length of 3:39.

A Guitar Pro file which contains at least the bass part would be great.
If you prefer to only tab a guitar track in Guitar Pro, that would also be fine, since then someone else might later be willing to add the bass part to it.
Additional instruments of the original tune (e.g. drums) and included chord names would be nice, but for myself not really necessary.
In any case, the song version should be distinctively mentioned (e.g. "from the album ..."), and the song structure should be accurate (number of measures, time signature(s), time feel) and written without any kind of repeats. - Otherwise it would be too complicated for others, to collaboratively add further instruments later.

If you'd also like to see this song in the UG database, please upvote this request, to make sure that it will not disappear from the request list until it's completed.

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