I'm looking for an amp head around $300 that is loud enough to play with my band and can handle rock and roll but still have good cleans. I saw the Fender Superchamp X2 and watched some videos and thought it sounded good for what I want - But I don't know if 15 watts is enough. The egnater idk if it can handle rock n roll from what I've watched - also don't know if 15 watts is enough. With the bugera, it sounded okay in the review I watched but I've heard bad things about bugera, but it has 20 watts and you can put 6v6 tubes in so that's a plus. Thoughts on which would be best for me? I'm the lead guitarist in my "band" - were really high school kids that love music and rock n roll - so I want good lead tones and I like to play Metallica for fun on my own and when I make music for pleasure it's generally nice and clean. So really lol oking for a versatile amp. Currently play through some 10 watt head some dude traded me and it's not really a head it was a cassette or something player he converted to a head. It just barely reached nice volumes over my drummer.

Input? Advice?
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Here's an option you haven't seen: the Quilter 101 non-modeling solid state amp. It has all the power you need- 50-100w, depending on setting- has a headphone jack, and and takes pedals well.

Quilter's page (1st link) has videos showing its suitability for all kinds of genres with the right pedals. The other 2 links are demos for a Friedman BE-OD pedal* played a 101. The metal tones there are pretty convincing.


* which was created to capture some of the tones of their BE-100 head, a classic blues/rock/metal amp
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Having owned an egnater tweaker, add a tubescreamer and it has more than enough gain for most styles of rock and metal.
15w may or may not be loud enough, depending on your drummer's shoe size...

And even if loud enough, it may not deliver the tone you want if you have to push it too hard just to keep up.
Sturgeon's 2nd Law, a.k.a. Sturgeon's Revelation: “Ninety percent of everything is crap.”

Why, yes, I am a lawyer- thanks for asking!

Log off and play yer guitar!

Strap on, tune up, rock out!
Nothing wrong with the new Bugera Infinium stuff, its the old stuff you need to avoid ,  Behringer had some problems when they first launched their Bugera line up but seem to have worked the bugs out sense then, No better or worse than any other Chinese made amp these days,  So you may be reading old reviews,  Plenty of horror stories on just about any brand if you look for them, within reason of course,   But what you failed to mention is what cab your using, as not all cabs and speakers are created equal,  Meaning if you've converted grandma's old console TV and its speakers into a cab its not going to be very loud no matter how many watts you throw at it,  Something like a Mesa 2x12 recto, Well yea then 15w to 20w can get pretty brutal,  I have a Bugera TriRec I use as a back up  and its on loan for broke down Chinese Peavey's and Marshalls  more than I've ever used it.  Never had a problem with it and had people wanting to buy it,  
If it were me, I'd be looking for a loud 30W or a good 50W amp for live work without PA reinforcement for the instruments.
Otherwise, you just disappear behind everything else (particularly the drummer). IMHO, YMMV, etc.
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15 watts for a tube amp is plenty fucking loud dude.

Or at least it *would* be, if there weren't bass players, vocalists, another guitar player, maybe a keyboard and a drummer with aggressive tendancies.
I want to know what Sunn O))) wannabes y'all seem to play with that can drown out 15w tube volume lol.
Haven't tried the Tweaker but 15w is normally loud enough to keep up with a quiet drummer. The main problem with that amp (your cab is god enough) is the amount of headroom that's available before your sound breaks up. Have you considered stepping up to a Rebel 30? The tone is right up your alley and can be had for around $350.
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