I have a Fender Straight Six (one humbucker, one volume) I plan on taking out the volume pot and putting in a kill switch (spdt) instead. I've been reading through a lot of threads but couldn't find anything specific to this on wiring so wanted to make sure before I tried it. Would I run the hot from the pickup to middle prong on switch, then left prong to tip, then run ground from pickup, sleeve and bridge ground to right prong? or would it be better to run bridge ground to the sleeve? any help would be greatly appreciated!
Yeah you've got the right idea, though it would be better to connect both the pickup hot and the tip to the middle lug the switch. That way you shouldn't hear a pop when you use the switch. When the tip and the sleeve are connected the sound will cut out so it doesn't matter that the pickup is still connected to the tip.

On the grounding, so long as all of your ground wires join to one point it'll be fine, it doesn't matter where that point is

Hope that helps
that is very helpful! thank you, that does make sense to just leave the other prong open, especially if that prevents the pop, thanks for the help