I am interested in advice on practice amp or possibly a more mid size smaller amp. I have 50 watt marshals, but I don't use them to practice with as they are pretty loud. 

 I have been using small solid state amps to practice with. I have a marshal MG15-dfx that I use. I also have a crate MX15R and a Roland Cube.  These amps don't sound super awesome however in my opinion. 

 What about Orange or Lab series amps ? What are some smaller practice size amps that have really good tone ? 

 If an amp is pretty lightweight and sounds good at low volumes yet could also be used to jam with a drummer, I would be interested in hearing about that also. 
I mean, you already have smaller amps for practice. Are they really that unbearable that it makes sense for you to buy another one? Have you not considered maybe selling a few of them first or trying to trade them locally and maybe grabbing a modeller? You mention you need it to be loud enough to jam with a drummer but you have a bigger amp already so why not just use your Marshall when you're jamming with the drummer? Generally when I think of practice amps, I think of the smaller SS amps and modellers. Also, what Marshalls do you own? I mean aside from a lot of the early NMV models and some of the early JCM models, most of them are plenty usable at lower volumes. 

You also haven't really mentioned a genre that you play or the tones you want, a budget and anything else we would need to really help out. Can't really direct you to a good tone if we don't know what you consider a good tone. 
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I like bluesy hard rock and old school 80's metal. 

 I have JCM 800 amps. They are just big and hard to carry around but good for serious gigs and practice. If I wanted to jam with a friend sometime, a smaller amp would be easier to just grab and go.  

If I play one of my JCM 800 amps at my house, I am afraid it might disturb the lady next door also. I play my 15 watt practice amp fairly loud and even at 3:00 AM but it has not been a problem so far. I asked her once and she says she does not hear anything.

I am just curious if people think the smaller Orange amps or Lab Series have great tone or any other amps people might recommend. That to me is more important than a smaller amp that is loud enough to play with a drummer.  On the other hand, maybe a slightly larger amp sounds better overall. 

 I don't know if a modler has alot of sounds or is solid state, I don't necessarily need alot of sound variety but an amp that has a good gain type distortion that sounds good.  
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I'm pretty happy with my Laney IRT-Studio 15/1W amp. Never played it with a drummer though.
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