They're meant to be used as pedal platform amps. That means flat eq and lots of headroom. They seem to do that job very well.
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interesting an amp specificly designed to be a pedal platform.  can't afford their pedals and although the amp seems to be priced ok for what it is again can't afford. 
Watched the videos and I like his pedals, but to pricey an amp for me especially since I'm perfectly happy with my Valve Jr as a pedal platform. For that money though, I'd be looking at Cornell or Friedman.
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I've got a Nirvana chorus, Euphoria od, and Velvet fuzz. Definitely quality products. My fuzz was broken when I bought it (probably an internal component crapped out after leaving their warehouse or at guitar center since it was a solid build) but emailed them and received great help from them. Stuff like that is bound to happen so I don't hold it against them, but their customer service was top notch. Definitely appreciate their business ethics. Their YouTube content is also very instructional and entertaining btw...

A big part of their market is amp in a box gain pedals so the Bravado amp makes prefect sense. Yes, their products are expensive but I honestly do think you get what you pay for with Wampler.
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Quoting yourself is cool.

WARNING: I kill threads.
I can imagine a 50 watt pedal platform being a EH Mig50, bit pricey and too few knobs, wouldn't mind trying one out, just to check it out. Can't imagine anyplace carrying them for ppl to check out, at least not here in Houston.