Hi all,

I'm in two minds about selling my Vox AC15 TB1 but I'm not sure how much it's worth. Does anyone have any idea how much it might reasonably be worth?

It's a mid-1990s amp, I've recently had it revalved and a couple of years ago the transformer went so I had to have one custom built as a replacement. Otherwise it's all original.

My thinking is that I might sell it and get myself an Orange Tiny Terror/Dual Terror head + cab.

I was getting on fine with it for years (I've owned it for nearly 10 years) but recently I've fancied a change. I'm in a Status Quo tribute band as the Rick Parfitt guitarist so that'll give you an idea of the tone I need. I run a Telecaster, then a Les Paul BFG for the open tuning. Pedal board is - Ibanez TB9, Flynn Treble Booster, MXR Dist3 and a GE7 through it.
On paper the Vox should be perfect, Quo use AC30s after all... but there's something about it that at gigs and practice it's just never 100% where I need it to be.
gibbfg Listening to a few tracks, it sounds like there is more Marshall inspiration than VOX. It is also possible the AC15 runs out of headroom too quickly, especially if you are doing gigs unmic'd. The AC15TB looks to float around $1k-1.5k, but considering the AC30TB from the same era can be found for similar prices, you may have trouble selling it for those prices. You might could get an AC30TB in a trade with maybe a little bit of cash on your end.

The Tiny Terror is kind of dark, if you wanted to move away from VOX completely go Marshall.