by Montagssorbet
Type - Tab
Part - Intro

hey everybody. i am struggling to get the tab well done. not even know if its in standart tuning or maybe played with a capo tasto the song is 7 min long and is made of 2 parts so to say.
the band is called "laut und luise". Heres a link on soundcloud ---- https://soundcloud.com/lautundluise/montagssorbet4 ------ cannot upload the file as it is mp3 format, or is it possible somehow? its a pretty nice song and i hope sb can help me its my first request and i apologize for any mistakes or sth - and my english is a little bit rusty regards and a big thx in advance, felix
The Soundcloud clip is over two hours...    which part is the song you want?  Please give a time marker.
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