A machine head snapped off one of my guitars and I'm looking for replacements online but can't find this model anywhere! It was off a second hand partscaster I bought with no serial number in the neck which wasn't helpful but I've attached a couple pics of the machine head. It is sealed with one pin in the middle holding it in place which you can see has snapped in the photo. There is also "P.W" one side of the pin and "3" the other side of it so I hope this helps. Thanks in advance!

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PW denotes Ping Works  the 3  denotes the length of the post  1 being shortest 4 being longest which would be used for the wound E . You have the single pin type as opposed to a 2 pin or screw mount,  Post diameter you'll need to determine yourself,  Personally I'm not a fan of the Ping tuners, which by looking at yours reminds me why,   If planning to just buy some cheap tuners don't be afraid to drill a few holes and get the screw mounts,  This might help alleviate them falling apart like that one did, but no guarantee,