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From youtube, I found a song called "Broken Cross" by Architects, from what I can figure out, it can be played on a 7 string in drop G# (half step down from drop A I think). I know there are tabs on the internet for the 6 string, but it's in a weird looking tuning that I have no idea how to get to.

Video here:

There's a few parts in there that I can't seem to figure out how to play (everything else I've somewhat learned by ear):

- That harmonic at 0:28
- That chord at 0:32
- The chord at 1:36 
- The chord at 1:42 
- That chord at 2:27 

If someone who has figured out how to play this song before, or someone that knows how to play those chords/harmonics can help out,
thanks very much
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