Hi guys 'n gals  

I'm looking for something that 'll make my strat sound, but I'm open for other options. I got around 130$ for used amp, and I know it's not much. When I searched local market I've found Fender Mustang II (40w), and if it comes to sound it's only valuable amp for me for this money. I'm also thinking about some usb interface, but I know it's best sounding on headphones, but sometimes I would need some speakers. 
There's any other way with this amount of money to make guitar speak ? maybe multieffect and some cab or smth ? What u think ? 
For the money your probably better off with the Mustang II,  By the time your done screwing around getting a PC based rig up and running  you'd be into it as much and still not have a guitar amp you can haul around if needed.  Personally I'm not a fan of these types of amps but at a glance it looks as if the Mustang has a lot of whistles and buzzers,  you can hook it up to your PC and it already has a 12 inch speaker so your killing two birds with one stone,  Perhaps someone else will chime in who has experience with that amp and can shed a bit more light on the subject,  But I'd say go get the amp before someone else snatches it,